MasterClass - Master Consultation

Bartłomiej Nizioł

Dear Master Class students,

This exceptional, Music Festival & Master Class is for remarkably talented young instrumentalists - string players.

Master Class gives the opportunity to discover new, interesting and fresh looks at music. It is worth to emphasize that the students of the Review will have an unusual and unique chance to listen to and enjoy the sound of the epochal, original instrument Giuseppe Guarneri del Gesù from 1727, which I will play during concerts and consultations.

On the basis of the concerts and consultations the circle of professors will single out the Musical Personalities and award them Grand Prix Master Class.

The winners will receive high financial awards, and a tour with the best Polish orchestras.


You are cordially invited!
Artistic Director Music Festival & Master Class in Piła
Bartłomiej Nizioł
podpis Bartłomiej Nizioł

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Our Location

locationFrom the very beginning the festival has taken place in Poland, in a picturesque town Pila by the river Gwda.