Full name:*
The program the candidate is going to perform on MASTER CLASS.*

Deadline for receiving applications 25 May 2018r.

I commit myself to pay entrance fee to the amount of:

- 410 Euro (with accommodation and breakfast)*,

- 310 Euro (without accommodation and breakfast)*

after receiving confirmation of qualifying to MASTER CLASS until 2 June 2018.

I take note of that the return of entrance fee is possible only in case of chance occurrence after informing organizer and after receiving organizer's acceptance.

I declare having accident insurance.

I am familiar with the Regulations of MASTER CLASS in Pila.

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Contact With Us

Andrzej Czaja - Director
Phone: +48 608 30 65 90

Kamila Wiśniewska - Czaja - Coordinator
Phone: +48 604 77 68 64

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Our Location

locationFrom the very beginning the festival has taken place in Poland, in a picturesque town Pila by the river Gwda.