Andrzej Czaja

Dear Fans and Friends of Music!

Music Festival & Master Class was founded in order to invite everyone who loves the music to enjoy and practice it in Piła.

During Master Class highly talented musicians from all over the world meet up with brilliant professors – soloist of world scenes, who help them to open all needed doors and make dreams come true.

In same time in the city on Gwda river and the city of Staszic the music festival go on.

Especially for you, Ladies and Gentelmen, we invite soloists singers, consorts, orchestras. This year we will host the ones from Poland, Ukraine, Switzerland, Holland, China and Brazil.

I wish with all my heart to evaluate this event to gloryfication of classical music. I would like children and youths, adults and seniors, whole families to spend their spare time by listening the best worwide artists.

I truly believe, that we can build together a big tradition of such a culture in Piła!

I invite all of you whole-heartedly

Yours faithfully,

podpis Bartłomiej Nizioł

Director of Music Festival & Master Class Piła

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Contact With Us

Andrzej Czaja - Director
Phone: +48 608 30 65 90

Kamila Wiśniewska - Czaja - Coordinator
Phone: +48 604 77 68 64

Email:   This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


Facebook:   Music Festival & Master Class

Our Location

locationFrom the very beginning the festival has taken place in Poland, in a picturesque town Pila by the river Gwda.